At Massapequa Center, we offer more than the highest standards of therapy and rehabilitation. We bring our residents HOME – to a
one-of-a-kind authentic home environment, housed right in our gym. It is here where residents acquire the functional and self-care
skills they’ll need to live an independent life, in a real-life home setting that maximizes the rehabilitation experience.


Our dedicated rehabilitation team helps our residents to reach their goals of health, independence, mobility, and ability. Our therapists focus on the identification of physical impairment and pain, the proper path to rehabilitation, and how to prevent future injury.


Our occupational therapists address residents’ abilities through task-directed activities. A major focus is on independence and improving residents’ Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), which include feeding, dressing and grooming.


Our speech therapists assess areas of communication, swallowing and cognition, offering a wide range of interventions that help to improve any deficits in those areas. Programs are designed to help residents affected by stroke, brain injury and dementia, as well as those suffering from respiratory illness and hearing impairment.